11-12 April: Space Apps Challenge of NASA

This year, PERCCOM students defended two projects:

Project : Spaceship launching game

Ornela, participated this weekend in the Space Apps Challenge of NASe06660cc-70d4-46d6-b6cb-2a0bd08b912a-originalA in Helsinki. Her team (Michal, Elena and a Scientist) developed a spaceship launching game, aimed to promote learning about how NASA gets ready to send spaceships to space in real life.

They won two prices: 1st Prize in Finland becoming a global nominee and Idean Prize to receive start-up mentoring and develop their idea further.

Foodi Project

Victoria : “This year at the Space App Challenge a team composed mainly by PERCCOM students (Victoria, Dimitar, Niklas, a LUT student and a Professional designer) created a solution to address food problems in the world. This was a very nice initiative very focused on sustainability as one of our main worries. »

Foodi Project description :

11rdmcj.jpg' Foodi is a web application that maps the food production and distribution across the globe. Aiming to show the current capacity and potential of countries to be self-sufficient in the provision of food for their populations for the future years. In addition, Foodi allows users to share and read stories behind food imports and exports of the each country based on FAOs World statistics. SO user friendly that even aliens can use it!

Team members:

  • Dimitar Minovski
  • Niklas Kolbe
  • Maria Victoria Palacin Silva
  • Ville Myllynpää
  • Pouyan Mohseninia