14.11.-23.11.2015 : Research visit of Prof. Jari Porras to CSULB, Long Beach, USA

Professor Jari Porras (Lappeenranta University of Technology) spent 9 days in Los Angeles, Long Beach at California State University Long Beach (CSULB). He was awarded a Scholar Scholarship delivered by the European Commission. Prof. Porras was hosted by Professor Birgit Penzenstadler, a well-known researcher at the sustainable software field. The objective of this visit was to learn from the vast experience of Prof.P2 Penzenstadler and to work together on future collaboration plans. This visit was also a part of a research sabbatical of Prof. Porras. As the whole objective of the sabbatical has been on sustainable software studies and the perspectives to this, the research visit has been extremely successful. Prof. Penzenstadler is an important connecting factor to the ICT for sustainability community and this research visit opens doors towards that society.

P1 CSULB is a state university in long beach, one of the LA universities. This university is a teaching university so it does not reach as high in research evaluations than many other big universities in USA. CSULB has around 37 000 students in various collages.
The location as such gave a nice perspective to sustainability issues as the campus emphasizes various sustainability issues. CSULB has intentions to promote sustainability around the campus and degree programmes. So far their efforts are in the starting phase.

Most of the working within this research visit happened together with professor Birgit Penzenstadler, who although graduated just 2010 is well known person in the sustainability community. Prof. Penzenstadler arranged meetings with department head, dean of the engineering school, sustainability coordinators and as a bonus possibility to follow research project with Long Beach water department. There was also possibility to participate in prof. Penzenstadler’s two courses (one targeting a field trip to Nepal and one focusing on advanced software topics). In addition a gender-gap movie was launched during the visit.
Prof. Porras gave a presentation to the faculty and students entitled “In search of sustainability – research and education @LUT” emphasizing LUT focused sustainability issues, including PERCCOM programme.


During this visit a lot of discussions were done on sustainability topics, collaboration and networking. Two research papers, one EU project proposal draft and a course syllabus for PERCCOM students was prepared.