ICT and the Environment – Professor Colin Pattinson, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK (12-15 November 2013)

This seminar programme deals with the environmental impact of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in an industrial/commercial setting.  Key environmental issues relating to wide ranging aspects of an organisation’s businPentax Digital Cameraess models and operations are identified, including the full life cycle of ICT equipment from production, through use and onto disposal and recycling. As well as considering the potential negative environmental impacts that ICT can have, there will also be an examination of the positive effects that can be derived from using ICT as an enabler of change in working practices and interaction.

The topics covered include:

  • Underpinning knowledge and science (e.g. energy, efficiency, emissions) relating to climate change and environmental impact
  • Assessing Environmental Impact:
    • Technical Perspective
      • Auditing IT, tools, benchmarks,
      • Calculating and reporting emissions data
      • Software and systems
    • Organisational Perspective
      • Current Business Model / Economic impact
      • Organisation structure and working practices
  • Opportunities for changes in: Technology, Operation, Behaviour