Best Practice in ICT competence development

Project Erasmus Mundus PERCCOM has been presented during the workshop “Best Practice in ICT competence development” held in a framework of internatio924bb4a37d6ad35410afe0c811ff3084nal conference Arctic Frontiers 2014. The workshop aimed to present the best innovation models, educational programmes and ways to involve industry in education in Nordic countries. Nordic countries are world leaders in ICT, even though the Arctic region is slower in adoption and uptake. The potential for ICT business in the Kolarctic region is very good, as deployment of ICT services in the region is increasing very rapidly.

Arctic Frontiers 2014 was held at UiT Arctic University of Norway from Sunday 19 to Friday 24 January 2014.  The theme of the conference is ‘Humans in the Arctic’. 

More information about the conference you can find here: