Ice Hockey Game

28 March 2014 : To improve our knowledge toward Finnish culture, our professor, Mr. Jari Porras took us to watch an ice hockey game. As you know, ice hockey is very popular among Finns and in fact Finland counts a total of 52,597 registered players, which amounts to 1.0% of its population. Therefore it will be a good opportunity for us to at least watch one of ice hockey match during our stay in Finland.
The match is between the local teams. I did not remember the guest (opponent), but I knew that the host is the Saimaa team from Saimaa University. As LUT students, which its building is literally next to Saimaa building, of course, without any hesitation, we support the Saimaa team. For your information, if you look at the pictures below, the Saimaa team is the ones who wear the bright yellow uniform. In the end, the Saimaa team won the match, and we went home feeling happy for them.
Article written by Alifia Fithritama (PERCCOM student 2013-15)
DSC01572 DSC01590 iceOK iceOK2 iceOK3