Practical Information : Seminar in St Petersburg – 2014

Venue :

Seminar will be held in ITMO University, Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies, Chair of Telecommunication Systems, Birzhevaya line VO, 14, St Petersburg (point B on maps).


We have made a reservation at ITMO University student’s dormitory on Vjazemskji prospect, 5-7 (point A on maps). One room will be shared by two or three people. Two rooms share WC and shower. Kitchen available on a floor.

Student’s dormitory has a dining room downstairs.


From your accommodation to the University (4.5 km), you have four kinds of transport:

  • Bus1 (40 min, 25 roubles).  Service runs every 8 min. Depart: Street Chapygina, Arrive: Srednii Prospect
  • Tram40 (51 min, 25 roubles).  Service runs every 20 min. Depart: Prof. Popova Street,  Arrive: Srednii Prospect
  • Share taxiК175A (45 min, up to 35 roubles). Service runs every 15 min. Depart: Prof. Popova, Arrive: Srednii Prospect
  • Subway (28 roubles). Service runs every 5 min (Depart: Petrogradskaya, Arrive: Vasileostrovskaya)

Map2 Map1





On arrival to Russia it is necessary to register and get notification form of the arrival within 3 business days.

You can do these procedures: in ITMO University, Center for international affairs (Birzgevaya line, 14, office 433).

Come to the Center with supporting documents:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your visa
  • Original of your migration card

In case of a late migration registration penalty is charged

Travelling to and from Lappeenranta:

ITMO University will organize a bus to pick you up in Lappeenranta and take you to the students’ dormitory in SPb, and vice versa.

Tourist and weather information: (click here)


National currency in Russia is rouble. You can use credit cards (VISA, MASTER, etc.) in most of supermarkets but you have to pay cash in public transport. 

1 EUR corresponds to about 48.6 roubles