Monday 26th May : Introduction to LINUX/UNIX In Info Communication – Pr. Oleg Sadov


  • Introduction. Open and Free Software. UNIX/Linux. Branches andP1070115 distributions. Standards. Application areas of UNIX/Linux systems. Main concepts of UNIX/Linux systems. Kernel, shell, libraries, utilities. Users, files, processes. Terminal lines.
  • Shell. Variables. Special symbols. Regular expressions. Input/output channels, redirecting.
  • System manuals. Informational commands. Users information commands. Multiuser environments.P1070117
  • Processes. Jobs. Signals. Later execution and scheduled commands.
  • Files and directories. Standard file system layout. Special files and drivers. Links. Permissions.
  • Text editors. Utilities for manipulation with a text data.
  • UNIX/Linux graphical environments.
  • Network utilities.
  • Shell programming
  • Self-study in laboratoryP1070116
  • UNIX/Linux administration. Users and groups.
  • Devices and drivers.
  • File systems. Archiving and backups.
  • Network administration.
  • Self-study in laboratory
  • Shell programming practicumSeminarRussia