PERCCOM at the General Assembly of Erasmus Mundus Association

Erasmus Mundus Association hold its general assembly 2014 in KrakEverybody 10 yearsow, Poland from June 6th to 8th at the Jagellonica University gathering over 57 different nationalities between Programme representatives and country representatives. As well EMA          celebrated its 10 years creation anniversary. In name of PERCCOM Maria Victoria Palacin Silva attended the event.

This event had the presence of official representatives from European Commission and EACEA Agency during all the sessions in order to support and improve the association, the reP1070621presentatives were: Jordi Curell (DG for Higher Education and Internal Affairs from European Commission), Ragnhild Solvi (Policy Officer, DG Education and Culture from European Commission) and Jana Stetkova (Programme Manager, Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency). As well we had the presence of all the past and current presidents of the association such as Chunyu Liang who is currently working as Team Leader at the United Nations Climate Change Forum.

The event was exciting and full of important information about how to get involved with EMA and improve our Erasmus MundJordi EU Commissionus master courses, which are valuated as the most successful project for the EU Commission in Education due to that they just renewed the program for 7 more years, and they pointed out that over 180000 apply to this courses yearly, also they highlighted France as the country number #1 on hosting Erasmus Mundus Programmes. Service Groups, Chapters and Networks of EMA invited us to join and work with them.

I would like to highlight how green this event was, because they have a SustEMAMeetingbility group which prPERCCOM Masterovides regulations and advises to the board in order to pick the venues according to their energy source and water consumption, pick catering services which provide local organic food, not print the schedules and provide them electronically, recycle the badges once event is finished, not waste food and encourage attendants to take the remaining rests in order to avoid waste, as well provide handy green gadgets for the attendants and provide a prize to the person with the greenest way to travel to the event. As Programme representative of a green master I introduce our Programme to the audience, networked with other similar masters and join to SustEMAbility community (Where I proposed publish an article about Green Computing, involving PERCCOM Students and Consortium).

My goal now is encourage all my classmates and new generation to be EMA active and join to the working groups.


North American Chapter

Green Bag

With Jane from EACEA Agency