1-3 August 2014 : PERCCOM Students in HARZ

Two PERCCOM events took place during the summer holidays at Hochschule Harz, Germany – The Summer School and 48hours Code Camp.

The summer school is10440812_345543698928084_8654415769773333939_n   an event organized exclusively for PERCCOM students. This year, Prof. Jari from LUT and Prof. Olaf from Hochschule Harz gave lectures on network programming skills and technique. Additionally, programming lectures were given on process and threads management with various tasks to implement.

The Code Camp is an annual event of the University, which attracts international participation and very fun-filled. In this 48-hour period, participants implemented several interesting projects. The code camp event provided technology platform that enables participants to actualize their concept. Such platforms includes Java, C, C++, Arduino programming, Home automation 10596108_10204320320947681_1324963243_napplications, Microsoft Kinects, Game and Virtual reality programming. The venue of the Code camp was a swimming pool, where participants can enjoy swimming during your break. In contrast to usual educational activities that involves lectures, labs and practical sessions, this event encourages interactions with like-minded participants and it incorporates interesting interactive social events. It is highly recommended to join this event

PERCCOM was highly represented at this Code Camp event. Two PERCCOM students, Khoi and Fisayo, participated in the event organization, projects and presentations.

Apart from his active voluntarily involvement in the network configuration at the venue, Khoi developed a chart application using FHEM server and FS20-coDSC_0010_800x530mpliant devices to record statistics of human movements in a certain area. This application aims at optimizing the electric energy supply to only occupied specific area of the Code Camp venue and hotspots.

Having previously undertaken an Internship position at pdv-softwares GmbH, Fisayo had the opportunity to represent the company and present some of its implemented projects and technologies. Also, Fisayo alongside another participant implemented a chart application that correlates the HVAC actuator valves measurements and the measured temperature. This project was ranked second amongst other excellent projects and prizes from Microsoft and other sponsors were presented.

In summary, the Code Camp was a fun-filled international experience which provides an avenue to learn new technologies and collaborate with differs international participants.