1st of Semester 2014 : Start-up day in Lulea

Two pictures from today’s start-up day in Luleå with Cohort 2013-2015.

bild 1 The first photo is a group photo taken outside the old wood mansion Wibergsgården (which was donated and moved to campus back in 1992) where we invited all PERCCOM students for lunch.

The second picture was taken w bild 2hen having coffee inside that building. Our Vice-Chancellor Professor Johan Sterte (standing in the middle) made a short presentation about LTU to PERCCOM students. Also, sitting slightly to the left is Associate Professor Jonny Johansson, director of undergraduate and graduate-level education with the Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering. He had a session with us after lunch presenting the department and its education and research.

Karl Andersson