26-28 November : Green Code Lab Challenge

 6 PERCCOM student teams were enrolled in the green code lab challelogo_greencodelabchallenge_ok-300x225nge.

Objective: the students had two days to develop a web application using less energy. Each team was composed of students from Lulea and Nancy.

The students had to :

  • Develop Image slider on the sample webpage provided P1100222by green code lab challenge
  • Implement image providing service which aims at feeding the images store (slider) with custom content (for back-office users)
  • Add twitter feed #gclchallenge to the sample webpage (social network)
  • Change the general look of the sample webpage


The assessment criteria were the following:

  • Client Energy consumption, 
  • Client memory consumption,
  • EcoScore (computer source code),
  • Energy Server, 
  • Page Size,
  • Response Time,
  • Smart phone Energy Consumption, IMG_0178
  • Memory Server,
  • Energy Server

The Perccom team « Green Hornet » was ranked in the TOP 10. Congratulations to Niklas, Ashraf, Dorine and Mohaimen !