Green Code Lab Challenge : Green – Hornet Team

10405598_992449007437791_3255911744970568562_n 10603574_992235614125797_4228648965034115541_nPERCCOM students participated to Green Code Lab Challenge. One of the teams was in the TOP 10 : « Green-Hornet, Ready to clean the internet! ». Green-Hornet was composed of Ashraf and Niklas (cohort 2) and Dorine and Mohaimen (cohort 1). The topic of the challenge was to implement a carousel consuming less energy and memory on server and client side. Green-Hornet implemented these following points to make the application greener:

  • using text instead of icons to use less memory
  • using HTML5 and CSS3 as much as possible and minimizing the use of JavaScript
  • resize and compress pictures to get a good performance and traffic load*
  • reduce code complexity to guarantee a smooth yet green performance
  • minimizing files to reduce page size

Make IT greener!! (written by D. Petit)

Screenshot from 2014-11-30 23_08_08Screenshot from 2014-11-30 23_07_22