Green Information Technology, 1st Edition, A Sustainable Approach Dastbaz & Pattinson & Akhgar

ISBN : 9780128013793, 304 pages, Ed. Elsevier.

Chapters witten by PERCCOM professors

Chapter 2 – Emerging Technologies and their Environmental Impact, Colin Pattinson
Chapter 3 – Measurements and Sustainability, Rondeau E., Lepage F., Georges J.P, Morel G.9780128013793
Chapter 12 – Critical Issues for Data Center Energy Efficiency, Pattinson, C., Kor, A. L., and Cross, R.
Chapter 13 – Community Wide Area Network and Mobile ISP, Pattinson, C., Kor, A. L., and Braddock, R.
Chapter 14 – Thin-client and Energy Efficiency, Pattinson, C., Cross, R., and Kor, A. L.