2015 Green Code Lab Challenge

From 2nd to 4th of December, cohort 2 and 3 of PERCCOM participated together in the Green Code Lab Challenge. Seven teams composed of a mix of students from Nancy and Luleå worked together during 48h to develop an application which consume the less energy possible.

This year, the third edition of the challenge was about the Internet of Things. We had to develop a solution receiving data from sensors on a Raspberry Pi and send those data timestamped to a distant server. However, the solution must consume the least energy possible on both supports and minimize the network usage as well. As a part of evaluation, each team had to promote itself and GreenIT in general using all available social media tools.

There were no limitations about the choice of programming language, so each team decided to use different languages (like Java, C++, Python etc.) based on their preferences, competences and programming background.

This year, two teams made it to the top five (Greenfinity made it to n°4 while GreenIoT PERCCOM was n°5). Moreover, 5 PERCCOM teams were among top 10, improving our results comparing to the previous year.

The challenge took place the same time with a big environmental event held in Paris – COP21.

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