Lulea. 13 November 2015.

Karl Andersson : « Cohort 2 met Prof. Robert Brännström when he gave his guest lecture on Scrum and agile methods. This is part of the preparations for the upcoming Green Eco Design Challenge taking place early December also involving Cohort 3 participating from UL in Nancy. After lunch Cohort 2 had the chance attending a lecture delivered by Andreas Ehn, founder and previous CTO of Spotify, finishing off the entrepreneurship week at LTU. Ornela and some of the boys in Cohort 2 took the chance speaking to Andreas after his guest lecture. Also, Karl had the chance seeing Dr. Sara Mazur, VP and head of Ericsson Research, both at her open inauguration lecture (covering Ericsson’s 5G research) and also for a closed-group roundtable discussion in the late afternoon. Karl took the chance to ask Sara about the new strategic partnership with Cisco being announced earlier this week and booking a planning meeting with Mats Nordberg at Ericsson Research since Valentin from Cohort 3 will do his thesis with him in 2017. Shahadat has arrived to Sweden and will give a guest lecture to Cohort 2 the coming week. »