2016 Welcome day in Skellefteå

During September 7-8 Cohort 3 had its Welcome Day in Sweden. Starting with a session at The Great Northern, which is the new building hosting the science park in Skellefteå, all newly admitted master students were welcomed by the municipality, the innovation support system organisation, and a few IT companies.
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Then, three technical talks were performed at campus by Facebook, Ascom. And Cisco. Short presentations by the other research groups active in Skellefteå (wood science and technology and electrical power engineering) were also included in that part of the program. Moreover, we had the chance to listen to Prof. Md. Shahadat Hossain updating us on work-in-progress around PUE prediction for datacenters.
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Then the social program took place including a tour to the Adventure Park with its mine from the 1930s and then finally a competition being held at Bodaborg with 51 rooms to discover. Congratulations to Team Narcos Bundeiros!
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The second day included a tour to main campus in Luleå and its career center.
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Over lunch we listened to Dr. Goranka Bjedov from Facebook HQ giving personal hints on career development then followed by a guided tour at Facebook’s datacenter LLA1 in Luleå located just next door to campus. The program came to and end after shortly seeing SICS’ new datacenter research facility, also located very close to campus.
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