11-22 January 2016 : Professor Vyacheslav Kharchenko’s Visit to Leeds Beckett University

He was awarded a a Scholar Scholarship delivered by the European Commission so that he could deliver lectures and forge research collaborations with PERCCOM’s associate partners. The research and scholarly activities carried out during his two-week stay at Leeds were:

1.    Research collaboration knowledge transfer with the School of Computing, Creative Technologies and Engineering (led by Professor Colin Pattinson)

a.    Brainstorming of research ideas for EU proposals
b.    Exchange knowledge and expertise for the development of a masters degree on software development and testing
c.    Co-publications

2.    Talks, Lecture, and Tutorial Sessions for staff development and postgraduate students (link)

a.    Talks
i.    Talk 1: Green and Safe IT-Engineering: R&D Activities of KhAI Computer Systems and Networks Department
ii.    Talk 2: Green IT-Engineering: Challenges and Solutions Lecture: Green Software: Evolution of Quality Models
iii.    Talk 3: Distributed Cloud Computing
iv.    Talk 4: Diversity-Oriented Decisions for Industry Application
v.    Talk 5: Methods and Techniques of Safety and Security Assessment

b.    Lectures
i.    Lecture 1: Fundamentals of Critical Computing
ii.    Lecture 2: Multi-Version Computing for Safety Critical Systems
iii.    Lecture 3: Markovian Chain-Based Assessment of Safety and Security
c.    Tutorials
i.    Tutorial 1: GreenCo Controller: Structure, SW Power Consumption Analysis and Optimization
ii.    Tutorial 2: Cloud OpenStack  Platform Architecture and Application
iii.    Tutorial 3: Metric-Based Assessment of Diversity and Safety
iv. Tutorial 4: Tool-Based Assessmant of Availability and Safety by Markovian Chains

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Brief biography: Vyacheslav Kharchenko, PhD (1981), Doctor of Technical Sciences (1995), Professor (1991), Honor Inventor of Ukraine (1990). Head of the Department of aerospace control systems, Kharkiv Military University (1992). Head of the Department of computer systems and networks, National Aerospace University KhAI (2001-present), Director of the Center for safety infrastructure-oriented research and analysis, RPC Radiy (2006-present). General chair of the DESSERT Conferences (2006-2013), SERENE Workshop (2013). Invited lecturer of a lot of international conferences and universities. The author of 32 monographs and textbooks, more than 700 inventions, 200 articles (70 articles published in English). Supervisor of 40 PhD and DrS-students. Some of his publications can be found here