15 May: Pesäpallo match

On 15th of May PERCCOM Cohort 3 attended a Pesäpallo match between Lappeenranta (black and red uniform) and Lapua (blue and white uniform) female teams. Pesäpallo is a national Finnish sport that is similar to baseball. It is very tactical and does not tolerate mistakes as students saw during the match. Two days before the match, Cohort 3 under guidance of Jari Porras tried their hands at the game at the same stadium. Students had a chance to practice batting and catching ball.
Watching the game helped to better understand the rules and to see how professional players perform. The match was intense with team Lappeenranta winning first set by a narrow margin in the last minutes. Second set was unfortunate for the local team as Lapua, current champions of the Finland, won it by a slide. In the overtime, due to inspired cheering of the tribunes girls from Lappeenranta could grab the victory. Overall it was a nice way to relax with semester ending.
Wittren by Andrey Kochemassov

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