4 July : Scouting around the Skellefteå area

Karl Andersson : « During the weekend Sumeet and myself scouted around the Skellefteå area to get good ideas for the upcoming arrival for Cohort 3. We saw the city party (very much like Fête de la Musique in Nancy) with snow mobiles going on water (!), two beaches (in Piteå and Storsand), the lighthouse and chapel in Bjuröklubb, two churches with church towns (Lövånger and Skellefteå), and also had a bite of the famous Västerbotten cheese in Burträsk. Moreover, we had a chance to the see the hydro power museum in Finnfors, although from some distance. When going through the forest we also spotted elks. We’ll see how much there is time for Cohort 3 to see this upcoming fall.
Today, Sumeet wanted to try out a local dish and went for a combined calzone and hamburger meal, Calskrove. We’ll see if Cohort 3 likes it or not. I myself went for shrimp salad. »

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