29 August : Info day at LTU

Cohort 3 : Today, we started with a visit by Marcus Skårman from International Office and an introduction by Prof. Robert Brännström covering the LTU organisation, the department’s activities, and the local campus. After a short break we continued having Heather Jacksic from Career Center giving information about their services and preparing for our upcoming visit to them next week, Then Robert showed everybody the new learning management system LTU is using (Canvas), the student portal, and the schedule. Also, Karl covered the overall planning for Semester 3 and finally handed over to Ornela Bardhi (Cohort 2) giving hints on how to best tackle Semester 3. After a short tour around the campus all master students were invited for lunch in the campus restaurant. After lunch there was a session in the library followed by a photo session (required for the photo id’s). Finally, a few students followed Karl to Skebo signing their contracts. Tomorrow first lecture starts at 10:15am.

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