15 September : Rally in old city of Nancy

In the context of French culture module of Master PERCCOM program, students from cohort 4 had the opportunity to do an educative rallye inside the Old City of Nancy.

During this school outing, students had to follow a path defines on a sheet, and then collect several informations when they reached different checkpoints indicated on the sheet. Thus, the meeting point was on Place Stanislas which is located at the border between Old City and New city.

In one hand, we have visited some historical places in Nancy, like La Craffe Gate, gardens of the Citadelle or the museum of Lorraine which is located in the old ducal palace, but we also had the opportunity to discover some convenient places like the « MJC Lilbonne » which is a place where we can practice differents activities or the « Atelier Dynamo » which is a cooperative workshop for bicycle which allow us to repair or buy a bike for cheap; on the other hand we have been able to practice french with people to ask them where are located the different checkpoints or to know several informations for our survey.

It was a really funny exercise, it allows us to discover the different symbole of Lorraine as you can see on this picture (below) which is take front of the La Craffe Gate where you can see the Cross of Lorraine and also a typical plant called « chardon ».

But also during the visit of Gardens of the Citadelle where we discovered some plants like « Citrus Mint », fennel and also sorrel that we have tasted .

Finally, after passing the Lacraffe Gate we decided to met front of the Cordelier Church before reach the « Place Carrière », that marked the last step of the rallye and so the end of our excursion in the Old City of Nancy.

Thank you Germain for this article !

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