16 – 23 September, 2016: Dr Alexandra Klimova, ITMO University (Russia), spent one week at University of Lorraine, France.

During her visit she gave a series of lectures on Foundation of Knowledge Management and conducted a seminar of how to write systematic literature review.
The key points of Dr Klimova’s lectures included:

  1. Foundation of Knowledge Management
    1. Introduction to knowledge management (KM);
    2. Principles of KM;
    3. KM discovering and sharing systems;
    4. KM capture and application systems.
  2. Seminar on writing literature review.

During the seminar Dr Alexandra Klimova explained what systematic literature review entails, why it is necessary and how to be able to understand and evaluate different sources of information. After theoretical part students prepared surveys on several topics of application KM to different domains. They have defined the research strategy and a goal, selected sources and defined the final sample. At the end of the seminar students prepared presentations describing their results.

Before her visit to University of Lorraine, Dr Klimova participated in SEEDS 2016 conference, where she precented a paper entitled «Systematic literature review of using knowledge management systems and processes in green ICT and ICT for greening».

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