10 October : PHD Career Information

Cohort 3 had the chance receiving more information about continuing their studies towards the PhD level. Prof. Wolfgang Birk (head of third-cycle studies within our department) started by giving a broad introduction about the PhD career path. Dr. Daniel Granlund (representing Data Ductus, an IT company with HQ in Skellefteå) continued to give the industrial perspective what a PhD student can do outside academia after graduation. After lunch 6 PhD students gave their presentations incl. their projects, their research, and their personal view on doing a PhD. Presenters included Todd Booth, Raihan Ul Islam, Gustav Sterbrant, Nibia Souza Bezerra, Mischa Schmidt, and Dimitar Minovski (who started as late as last week reporting that 6 Cohort 2 students already had started their PhD studies). During lunch and the coffee break in the afternoon students had the chance to network with the speakers.

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