2 December : Prof. Mohammad Shahadat Hossain, University of Chittagong, gave his guest lecture “Belief Rule Base and its Dynamism” to Cohort 3.

Abstract: Belief rule based (BRB) expert systems are now widely used in the diverse areas, especially to address uncertain phenomenon, which is necessary to support robust decision making process. In this talk the dynamism of such approach will be demonstrated, which is coming out as the results of recently Swedish Research Council awarded project. For example, the extension of belief rule base approach has been formulated to address the issue of uncertainty associated with the sensor data. Hence, the novel algorithm facilitates the detection of anomaly in sensor data under uncertainty which is necessary to make the decision making process a robust one, for example in case of flood prediction and many others. In addition, the real time sensor data streaming to visualize the level of flood water within the framework of belief rule based expert systems is another area of extension of this approach. This real time approach has also been successfully applied in the area of autism. The sentiment analysis is also considered as an important area of research in the area of affective computing. A novel belief rule based app will be presented by taking context of the various Facebook Posts along with the heart bit rate of a person. The author demonstrated many applications of BRBESs in the area of health informatics and this time it will be in the area of Bronchopneumonia.