17 February Aigerim and Tamara’s master thesis short description

Aigerim: « I work with data collection from sensors in opportunistic manner using 3DkNN algorithm. In application of my thesis the algorithm computes cost-efficient sensors surrounding a mule (here, mobile device). Thus, it will decrease energy consumption of sensors during data gathering process. Consequently, this is supposed to extend battery life of sensors. Currently, I am working on simple prototype which effectively collects data from stationary sensors. Also, I and Tamara work on sensors simulator which is necessary for testing our prototypes on a big sensor network. »

Tamara : « For my Master thesis I am developing an algorithm and a system for air quality monitoring using Context Awareness approach. This approach provides a possibility to retrieve meaningful information from various heterogeneous data streams (especially within the Internet of Things paradigm) for building more intelligent solutions and systems. In my Master thesis research I am aiming to develop distributed algorithm for collecting, analyzing, and sharing the context from different air quality sensors (e.g. Air Quality Egg), using Context Spaces theory, ECSTRA reasoning engine, and smartphones. »