PERCCOM professors are Excellent !

LUT Proudly presents: Teacher of the Year 2016 is Professor Karl-Erik Michelsen

Based on student feedback, the Teacher of the Year 2016 is Professor Karl-Erik Michelsen. The student feedback was collected on Michelsen’s course Transformation of a Modern Industrial Society: The Finnish Model in the PERCCOM Master’s programme.


Michelsen says that his course explores societal changes around the world. His objective is to expand the world view of his students. “When the group of roughly 20-30 students consists mainly of exchange students in technology, we get viewpoints from

Asia, South America, and even Africa. For instance, the course provides a global take on the importance of the technological revolution and modern information technology in the transformation of society, and examines the differences between the East and the West. It is interesting to discuss whether the students consider that their own society is following the Western development or whether it has found its own solution,” Michelsen relates the themes of the course.

“The themes of the course are always mirrored against the Finnish situation. I represent Finland and explain how a given phenomenon takes place in this country. This is also a way to teach exchange students about Finland. I consider academic education a collegiate event where matters are examined together. It is also the students’ responsibility to develop education, and courses develop only to the extent that those involved are willing to contribute to them. Students should assess their own knowledge and learning: why I learn well or poorly. In other words, more self-reflection,” says Karl-Erik Michelsen.