12 April : LUT Big Idea Challenge Competition

On April 12th, two teams with PERCCOM and Finnish students won the LUT Big Idea Challenge competition. This competition received six teams with different ideas on how to make business out of applications, patents and services. The two teams with PERCCOM students won the first and second place of the competition.

1st place: Watchdog: PERCCOM students (Phoebe Mutua, Mina Mouawad, Geraldine Villers) and Finnish students (Oskari Jahkola, Sakari Laine): The WatchDog application provides easy reporting mechanism for citizens and flexible report management for government administration. It supports sustainable governance, operational city planning and track of city issues in real time.


2nd place: Ostracon: PERCCOM students (Kristian Kouros, Mukhammadjon Jalolov) and Finnish students (Joona Hasu, Toni Lepistö, Samuli Siitonen): This application allows customers to leave detailed reviews per item and restaurant staff to view these data for better management decisions to avoid food waste.

Both teams used the projects they developed during their PERCCOM studies at LUT.

Warm congratulations to the teams,