8 June : Master thesis presentations at LTU

Skellefteå : Today students from PERCCOM Cohort 3 including Victor, Tamara, Emil (remotely from Leeds), Rafiul, Valentin, and Aigerim doing their theses with LTU performed dry run presentations to prepare for the upcoming summer school event in Leeds. The panel included Dimitar (PERCCOM Cohort 2; now PhD student with LTU), Saguna, Karan, Josef, Shahadat (connecting from Bangladesh) and Karl providing feedback and hints how to improve the presentations one step further. Before the presentations Josef and Valentin followed Karl on a nice lunch walk around the Skellefteå river. To give the ultimate Swedish feeling this last time we had Swedish fika with cinnamon rolls and coffee/tea and celebrated with a pizza meal at Tre Kronor restaurant. Also, Valentin had his “THANK YOU” diploma as the other students had last week.