19 June : Day 1 of PERCCOM 2017 Leeds Summer School:

Opening addresses by Professor Colin Pattinson (Dean of School of Computing, Creative Technologies and Engineering, Leeds Beckett University) and Professor Eric Rondeau (Universite de Lorraine). Presentation by Professor Arkady Zaslavsky (DATA61 and CSIRO) is on ”IoT-enabled Smart Cities: dreams and reality” while Professor Frada Burstein’s (Monash University) talk is on the “Use of wearable devices for medical diagnostics out of hospital”. Cohort 3 students deliver theses presentations relating to: ; IOT and smart cities; IOT and air quality monitoring; decision support systems for pervasive computing; energy consumption of network and android apps; Software Defined Network; sustainable software development; sustainable wellbeing and lake monitoring mobile apps; serious games and sustainability; intelligent flood risk assessment system.

Cohort 4 is being briefed by Associate Professor Karl Andersson (Lulea University of Technology) regarding their up and coming Semester 3 in Skeleftea, Sweden.