23 June : Day 5 of PERCCOM 2017 Leeds Summer School (Sessions organized by students)

Dorine presented occupational integration of cohort 1 after PERCCOM master. She also explained her activities as PHD student at University of Lorraine. Julian (Cohort 2) presented activities of his start-up. Then, the audience sings a birthday song to Professor Eric Rondeau and birthday wishes (in various native languages) made by Cohort 4 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTNB8PHo23M&feature=youtu.be ). For the PERCCOM 2017 Leeds Summer School Finale, the audience is treated to an exotic video presentation entitled “PERCCOMIES 2017 by Cohort 3”. It depicts the two-year life changing experiences of the Cohort 3 students.