23 Nov : Design4Green 2018 – PERCCOM first !

In this year’s challenge the teams had to develop a web application that would prompt users with a survey about sustainability considerations in their companies, while taking into considerations the environmental footprint of the web application and trying to minimize it. There were 56 teams participating in total, including 4 from PERCCOM – Two of them made it to the top 11: Orsola y Los Pinchos, and Soopa Pazhaluista.

Soopa Pazhaluista team ended up ranking first in the competition and winning a trip to Quebec next summer.

Soopa Pozhaluista team: Askar Serikov, Mansour Kheffache, Sunnat Samadov, 
Valeria Cedillo

Orsola y Los Pinchos team : Daniel Schürholz, Darren Andrew, Ijlal Niazi, José Mauricio Perdomo Zelaya, Orsola Fejzo