3rd of March : Ice skating evening in Lappeenranta

« In the middle of 9th week (3rd of March) Professor Jari Porras organized an ice skating evening for us. It was very interesting because this sport represents a part of Finnish culture which we try to learn here. It is one of the most popular sports in Finland, and ice rinks are located almost everywhere. So, after hard working day for Code Camp, we went to the ice rink near the Ruskonlahdenkatu dormitory and enjoyed this outdoor evening so much. We really needed it, as it is known that physical exercises are extremely important and healthy for the whole body. Especially, for our Cohort it was quite vital because it boosts brainpower, sharpens memory and reduces stress. Moreover, since many of our students are from southern countries and they have never tried winter sports, it was a good opportunity to practice ice skating.

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Even more, we found some talents in our cohort, who immediately stand and skated confidently. Our guys did not miss a possibility to perform ice skating racing, and at the end eventually the friendship won. Also, we tried to play hockey with Pr. Jari, we were very excited thanks to him.

In conclusion, it is important to highlight that many students continue and enjoy doing ice skating even after this event! » (written by Aigerim)