3rd of September 2014 : WELCOME DAY in Nancy.

During this event, the new students met the PERCCOM staff. The agenda was the following:

  • General information about PERCCOM program (Eric RONDEAU, Camille Saxe)
  • Semester 1 in Lorraine (Eric Rondeau)
  • Semester 2 in Lappeenranta (Jari Porras, Susanna Koponen)
  • Seminar in St Petersburg (Alexandra Klimova)
  • Semester 3 in Lulea (Karl Andersson)Pentax Digital Camera
  • Leeds Metropolitan University (Colin Pattinson)
  • University of Bremen (Michael Lawo)
  • University of Applied Sciences Harz (Olaf Droegehorn)
  • Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation (Arkady Zaslavsky)

Students and PERCCOM staff then gathered around a buffet to continue discussions and exchanges.