3rd September 2015 : Rally In Nancy

In the framework of French Cultural and Language events, on Thursday, September 3, it was carried out a Rally for discovering Nancy.

We had ten activities in the City Centre. We had to ask to people in the street and places, in French of course!, and observe our environment in order to achieve the activities.

IMG_4953 IMG_4955 IMG_4956

Our journey began in the Place de la Croix de Bourgogne, where we had to leave for our first destination, the Caméo Commanderie cinema, there we found out which French films were played that day.

IMG_4965 IMG_4966 IMG_4967

Then, we moved on to SNCF train station to find out the price for roundtrip ticket from Nancy-Paris and if there were discounts for students. In the next place, we knew the lExcelsior a brewery with Art Nouveau architecture. Later, we moved to urban transport agency Réseau Stan were we learned more about public transportation system of the city. In our next stop, the covered market of Nancy, we met some specialties of the region such as brimbelle and bergamote. Just outside the market was a book store, our next target, it was open so we could take a look. Later on, we went to Hall du Livre, a place to buy books, magazine, CDs, DVDs and comics. Thereupon, we entered in to the LCL bank on Saint Georges street, where we could see the beautiful stained glass hidden in the ceiling of the building signed by Jacques Gruber, Art Nouveau artist.

IMG_4973 IMG_4975 IMG_4978

We finally arrived at la Place Stanislas, there, right in the middle of the square, is a statue of Stanislas Leszczynski, King of Poland and last Duke of Lorraine, surrounded by beautiful buildings housing restaurants, the museum of Beaux-Arts, the Opera House of Lorraine, the Hotel de la Reine, the Hotel de Ville and the tourism office, where our journey ended.

Thanks to this Rally, now we feel a bit more confident to communicate in French. Also, we had a wonderful time discovering Nancy, we learned about it’s history, architecture, food specialities and transportation. By last, we also met many French people who, in their vast majority, were always kind and friendly.