5th of October 2015 : A Visit to Strasbourg and the European Parliament

« Our trip on 5th of October was held in the city of Strasbourg, and it took a whole day. We had the opportunity to visit the European parliament, the Petite France, and the Cathedral de Notre Dame. By the end of that day most of us were exhausted, and many slept in the bus in our way back.

We started our journey from Nancy to Strasbourg at 6:50 am. In total, there were 19 students of PERCCOM cohort 3, Dorine (cohort 1), Prof. Jean Philippe GEORGES and Prof. Eric RONDEAU. We reached our destination around 10:00 am. The first place we visited was the European parliament. It was amazing to see the beautiful architecture of the parliament which was designed by a group of French architects under the banner of AS (Architecture-Studio), and it was completed by the year 1999. Our guide showed us the main building including the debate room. The debate room is huge, and the most important place of the parliament. Many important issues are discussed, and we also learned how the system works for the deputies’ election, their political division inside debate room, and the main responsibilities that are held by the parliament.

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After the European parliament tour we headed to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg. Our guided tour started at 2:00 pm, but before that, obviously, we had lunch.

The construction of the cathedral started in 1015 C.E., and it was completed by 1439 C.E. Its architecture consists of a combination of Romanesque and gothic style. The most astonishing attribute of the cathedral was its painted stained glasses and the 18 meter long astronomical clock which is a fully mechanical clock, and it has also much astronomical and religious content. After visiting the cathedral, we explored the Petite France, and the River Rhine which flows across the city of Strasbourg.

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It is actually the second longest river in the central and Western Europe. Finally, we were lucky to be able to observe the beauty of the river including the amazing structures on the both sides of the river as the weather was perfect! »

(written by Atefe Maleki, Henrique Sarmento, Mohammed Mustaqim Rahman, Olga Rybnytska)

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