Sept 2018. Conference in Chicago

LCN 2018 being held in Chicago, IL, USA on October 1-4 was a big success for Cohort 4 with two papers presented: “A Belief Rule Based Flood Risk Assessment Expert System Using Real Time Sensor Data Streaming” by Ahmed Monrat et al and “Real-time Performance Evaluation of LTE for IIoT” by Roman Zhohov at el. Prof. Mohammad Shahadat Hossain presented Monrat’s paper while Roman was there himself presenting his paper. Karl was also there in his capacity as TPC co-chair for the conference.

Sept 2018. Conference in Croatia

Marta was in Croatia to present Anastasiia’s works at the 3rd International Conference on: Applied Physics, System Science and Computers

Grishina, A and Chinnici, M and De Chiara, D and Rondeau, E and Kor, A (2018) Energy-oriented analysis of HPC Cluster Queues: Emerging Metrics for Sustainable Data Center. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering. ISSN 1876-1100 (In Press)



Sept 2018. Conference in Wroclaw

Marta Chinnici was in Wroclaw to present a paper(1) on Anastasiia’s Master thesis work at Sustainable Solutions for Growth conference.

(1) « Sustainable data center in smart cities: the role of sustainability-related metrics. » M. Chinnici, A.L. Kor, E. Rondeau, A. Grishina

Sept 2018. 2 Chapters in book

Two chapters written by PERCCOM students (Joseph and Vlad) will be published in the book « Green-IT Engineering: Social, Business and Industrial Applications ».…/vya…/ah-lian-kor/9788770220149

  • El Khoury, J., Rondeau, E., Georges, J., and Kor, A.L.. Chapter 16: Assessing the Benefit of Deploying EEE on Commercial Grade Network Switches. In. Kharchenko, V., et. al. (eds.). Green-IT Engineering: Social, Business and Industrial Applications, Volume 3, Springer.
  • Cristea, V., Pattinson, C., and Kor, A. L.. Mobile Phones and Energy Consumption . In. Kharchenko, V., et. al. (eds.). Green-IT Engineering: Social, Business and Industrial Applications, Volume 3, Springer.

Sept 2018 : Welcome day in Skellefteå


  • 08:30-08:35 Introduction, Organization of the Welcome Day (Assoc. Prof. Karl Andersson)
  • 08:35-08:45 Information about master theses (Prof. Eric Rondeau)
  • 08:45-09:15 Context-Aware Gaming for Education and Well-Being (Assoc. Prof. Teemu Laine)
  • 09:15-09:45 Big Data Analytics: An Introduction (Prof. Athanasios Vasilakos)
  • 09:45-10:00 LTU Business (Ms. Sofia Gullholm)
  • 10:00-10:15 ABI (Ms. ÅsaSvanberg)
  • 10:15-10:30 FIKA
  • 10:30-11:30 SenseSmartRegion, IVO, and SSIO / Skellefteå Digital Alliance (Mr. Leif Häggmark)
  • 11:30-12:00 BAL — modelling framework for Blockchain and Quantum Network (Prof. Oleg Sadov)
  • 12:00-13:00 LUNCH at DinFest
  • 13:00-13:00 Wood Science and Technology (Prof. Mats Ekevad)
  • 13:30-14:00 Electric Power Engineering (Prof. Math Bollen/Assoc. Prof. Sarah Rönnberg)
  • 14:15-15:30 Guided tour to Skellefteå church and Bonnstan
  • 16:30-17:00 Visit to Fortlax Datacenter
  • 17:00-17:30 « The key to AI? Machine Learning and Deep Learning” Prof. Marcus Liwicki
  • 18:00-20:00 Dinner and adventure golf at Piteå Havsbad

Aug. 2018. Graduation ceremony at LUT

On August 28, Tawseef and Farniba, from Cohort 4, attended the graduation ceremony at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and got their degree in Master of Science in Technology. The degree certificates are handed over to the graduates at first. Later, the programme ended with cakes and coffee.

Aug. 2018 : Skellefteå Science Center

Prof. Robert Brännström took PERCCOM Cohort 5 to Skellefteå Science Center, ”The Exploratorium”. Students enjoyed the science center and the nearby located museum and outdoor amusement park. Tomorrow some students have their appointments with the Migration Board in Umeå. On Friday a new tour is waiting.