Master Thesis (2013-2015)

Topics of Master Thesis  (only for PERCCOM students):

1. Implementing Green Services in Software-Defined Network Architecture

2. Implementing Network Energy Consumption in OPNET simulator tool

3. Green Service Level Agreement

4. Monitoring Software-Defined Network Architecture in considering the Ten Commandments of a mature EcoSystem

5. Apps and services for energy management at home environment

6. Apps and services for energy management at home environment 2

7. Migrating Games from One Platform Generation to Another

8. Load balancing in P2P smartphone based distributed systems

9. Investigation on the energy efficiency of web applications

10. A customisable web/mobile-based environmental toolkit to support SMEs in the implementation of an Environmental Management System

11. A customisable Web-based (or mobile-based) Energy Management System for SMEs

12. Energy Crisis Management Gaming Simulation for Europe

13. Developing Internet of things based Carbon Footprinting

14. Designing energy efficient wireless sensors for context recognition in wearable computing applications

15. Energy Optimization in Cities

16. Communication Infrastructures in Smart Cities

17. Green Data Centers

18. Implementing Green IT approach to Big Data transfer over Internet

19. Benchmark of routing protocols regarding green considerations

20. Software-Defined Network Architecture Implementation for data storage systems control and power consumption

21. Front‐End Development for Building Automation by using JavaScript Frameworks

22. Analyzing & computing the gain (level of sustainability) for building automation

23. Specification of a smart meter description mechanism to generalize device specific parameters