8 June : Master thesis presentations at LTU

Skellefteå : Today students from PERCCOM Cohort 3 including Victor, Tamara, Emil (remotely from Leeds), Rafiul, Valentin, and Aigerim doing their theses with LTU performed dry run presentations to prepare for the upcoming summer school event in Leeds. The panel included Dimitar (PERCCOM Cohort 2; now PhD student with LTU), Saguna, Karan, Josef, Shahadat (connecting from Bangladesh) and Karl providing feedback and hints how to improve the presentations one step further. Before the presentations Josef and Valentin followed Karl on a nice lunch walk around the Skellefteå river. To give the ultimate Swedish feeling this last time we had Swedish fika with cinnamon rolls and coffee/tea and celebrated with a pizza meal at Tre Kronor restaurant. Also, Valentin had his “THANK YOU” diploma as the other students had last week.


4 June : News from St Pertersburg

On Sunday Cohort went on tour to Peterhof – a series of palaces and gardens laid out on the orders of Peter the Great. These palaces and gardens are sometimes referred as the « Russian Versailles ».  The tour included the excursion to the main palace and a number of chances to be sprayed with water by joke fountains.

31 May : Graduation ceremony in Skellefteå

The Skellefteå based Cohort 3 students – Victor, Tamara, Rafiul, and Aigerim – represented PERCCOM at the local graduation ceremony held at campus Skellefteå. They received each a diploma, an LTU pin, and a rose. Afterwards there was a mingle event followed by a photo session. Next step for this group is to perform dry-run presentations in Skellefteå before leaving for summer school in Leeds, UK.

29 May : ITMO University has warmly welcomed Erasmus Mundus PERCCOM students.

Today the summer seminar has been officially opened. Prof. Andrey Rybin, prof. Andrey Shevel and Oleg Sadov presented their courses. For 2 weeks the master students will be studying different courses on Green IT and Sustainable development:

  • Internet of Things in Circular Economy
  • Computing Clusters, Grids and Clouds
  • Semantic Technologies for Urban IT
  • Free and Open-Source Software
  • Modern data storage technologies
  • The basics of cloud technology.

Chair in Mathematical Physics and Information Theory wishes all the students good luck and hopes, that these upcoming 2 weeks will be exciting and productive for all participants.

28 May : Cruise in St Petersburg

On Sunday students from cohort 4  were cruising along the river Neva and got to see the city in a panoramic way,  accompanied by an English speaking guide   St. Petersburg is called the ‘Venice of the North’ for a reason. This is considered by many as the most beautiful city in Russia. A city with a big influence of Italian and French architecture.The students were taking pictures of Peter and Paul Fortress (the one the history of St. Petersburg began with) while being right in the middle of the widest part of Neva.


25-27 May : EMA General Assembly

Marcel Lowell Villanueva, this year’s PERCCOM Programme Representative was in Vrije Universiteit Brussels last weekend (May 25-27, 2017) to attend the 10th annual Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA) General Assembly. The new President and VP were elected and amendments to the association’s statute were voted upon. There was also a Gala dinner that showcased performances from different EMA Chapters! #EMAGA2017.

4 May : PERCCOM and CETSIS 2017

Francis Lepage attended CETSIS 2017, a French conference on education in ICT and he presented a paper entitled « Verdir un programme d’enseignement en Réseaux de Télécommunications : marketing ou véritable enjeu scientifique et professionnel » for promoting PERCCOM Master.


4 May : Preparations for Leeds summer school

Students from cohort 4 started the preparations for Leeds summer school. They prepared a first draft of their theses posters and showcased it to gather feedback to professors, researchers and cohort 3 students. After their poster presentations, students enjoyed Finnish sunny weather in the classic beach sauna of LUT.

3 May : PERCCOM Cohort 3: Thesis Presentations at Lappeenranta

Cohort 3 students in Lappeenranta, defended their thesis works to a jury composed by: Prof. Jari Porras and Prof. Ajantha Dahanayake from LUT and Senior Researcher Leonardo Alfonso from UNESCO-IHE. The presentations summarized the work students have done and they got useful feedback. The topics of the presentations were:

  • Engineering and incorporating sustainability into software development: a design pattern approach by Felipe Leon
  • Gamified Participatory Sensing: Impact of Game Elements in Participatory Sensing System by Chandara Chea
  • Visualizing captured user habitual behavior in relation to suboptimal energy usage: An approach for aiding people to change their behavior to be more sustainable by Thi Tran
  • Smart waste management system using IoT and blockchain by Manish Lamichhane

Students have done a good work so far and are looking forward to share their results at Leeds.