PERCCOM Dessemination in Ukraine-based Carte Blanche Magazine

Miss Elena Golembovska was invited to attend PERCCOM 2017 Annual Summer School held at Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, UK. During the summer school, she interviewed the following PERCCOM participants: Professor Eric Rondeau (PERCCOM Co-ordinator, University of Lorraine); Professor Colin Pattinson (Dean of School of Computing, Creative Technologies and Engineering, Leeds Beckett University); Professor Vyacheslav Kharchenko (PERCCOM Visiting Scholar, KhAI); Dr. Anda Counotte (PERCCOM Visiting Scholar, Open University, Netherlands); Dr. Ah-Lian Kor (PERCCOM 2017 Summer School Organiser, Leeds Beckett University). Details of the interview and coverage of the event are found in Carte Blanche #1(138)’ 2017. This provides one of the opportunities to synergize dissemination activities for ALIOT and PERCCOM projects.
Miss Elena Golembovska is the Founder and Editor in Chief of a Ukraine-based Carte Blanche Magazine. This magazine is an effective dissemination channel for the outcome of some of the following EU funded TEMPUS projects: SEREIN, CABRIOLET, GREENCO, ALIOT, etc..

12-13 October : Seminar with Dr A. Klimova (ITMO University)

Dr Alexandra Klimova (ITMO University) gave a seminar on how to do a systematic literature review.
Main goals of the seminar were:

  • To present step-by-step guidelines for conducting literature reviews
  • To suggest how to identify relevant papers to review in a reasonable range,
  • To describe how to extract relevant content from identified papers, analyze and synthesize literature,
  • To explain how to present the results effectively.
    Students also got a quick tutorial on how to use reference management software Mendeley.

After the lectures students worked in groups conducting several stages of systematic literature review and presented their results at the end of seminar.

13 Oct : Cohort 5 & Orange

Didier Petitjean, Engineer in Orange company, was in Nancy and he delivered a lecture on Green ICT. The content was divided in 3 parts :
1) ABCs of Green
2) ITN levers to reduce Energy
3) Green actons in countries

9 Oct : LTU Business Workshop

Cohort 4 students assisted to LTU Business Workshop in which divided by groups they had to think of an idea to solve a need or problem of their choice. The day started with a brainstorming session of problems which they divided by clusters, each team chose one of their interest to then continue with ideas on how to solve it. After that, the teams needed to think and create a prototype for their idea and at the end of the workshop present it in order to get feedback.
The teams focused on different problem sectors for their ideas such as environment, waste, transport and health. The ideas were quite good, original and they were presented in a very creative way.

10 October : ruSMART 2017 conference & cohort 4

Congratulations : Tamara and Aigerim have a paper published in ruSMART 2017 (Springer) :

21 Sept : Cohort 4 and Northvolt

Students from Cohort 4 met with Northvolt that is planning to set up Europe’s largest battery factory, either in Skellefteå or Västerås. Al-Hussein Jasim,
Mina Rady, Ida Heath-cote Fumador, Phoebe Mutua, Jonathan Berrios, Xhesica Ruci, and Kristian Kouros were among the visitors asking questions and receiving information about the plans. In less than a month, the company will reveal their plans. Fingers crossed…

19 Sept : Cohort 5 in Strasbourg

In the morning, cohort 5 visited the European Parliament and its new room « parliament in 360° ». During the lunch, we tasted the famous flammenkueche, typical food from Alsace. In the afternoon, we had a rally in Strasbourg city center. Congrats to the winners : the team composed of Dorine, Darren, Jean-Baptiste, Orsola and Askar !

13-14 Sept : Seeds Conference in Leeds

The last week, all PERCCOM cohorts were represented in the 2017 international Seeds conference (Leeds) : Vicky, Nahin (cohort 1), Mélanie (cohort 2), Emil, Chandara, Nhi, Giang, Carlos, Henrique, Atefe (cohort 3) and Geraldine (cohort 4) wrote a total of 10 papers. It was a great success for PERCCOM programme since we received 5 awards (3 highly recommended and 2 winners).
Congrats PERCCOM students !!