23 June : Day 5 of PERCCOM 2017 Leeds Summer School : Awards

All students receive their presentation awards: Cohort 3 – PERCCOM Masters Thesis Presentation Awards; Cohort 4 – PERCCOM Research Poster Presentation awards. Other awards are: Cohort 4 Poster Winner (Mina Rady Abdelshahid Mouawad); Cohort 4 Poster Runner Up (Anara Abdulalikova); Cohort 3 Masters Thesis Presentation Winner (Valentin Poirot); Cohort 3 Masters Thesis Presentation Runner Up (Manish Lamichhane).





23 June : Day 5 of PERCCOM 2017 Leeds Summer School (Sessions organized by students)

Dorine presented occupational integration of cohort 1 after PERCCOM master. She also explained her activities as PHD student at University of Lorraine. Julian (Cohort 2) presented activities of his start-up. Then, the audience sings a birthday song to Professor Eric Rondeau and birthday wishes (in various native languages) made by Cohort 4 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTNB8PHo23M&feature=youtu.be ). For the PERCCOM 2017 Leeds Summer School Finale, the audience is treated to an exotic video presentation entitled “PERCCOMIES 2017 by Cohort 3”. It depicts the two-year life changing experiences of the Cohort 3 students.

22 June : Day 4 of PERCCOM 2017 Leeds Summer School

Academic and industrial presentations: “Internet of Things face big data era as well as green challenges” (Professor JinSong Wu, Universidad de Chile, Chile); “Smart online monitoring for nuclear power plants” (Dr. David Tian, Leeds Beckett University, UK); “IoT smart asset management & BIM” (Karl Redmond, Enable by Design); “Orchestration of unmanned vehicles network learning from complex scenarios” (Professor Sergio Toral Marin, University of Seville); “Open IoT ecosystems for driving innovation and unlocking the circular economy” (Dr. Sylvain Kubler, University of Luxembourg); “Drones and environment monitoring and LIDAR technologies” and live drones demos (Adrian Appleyard and Aaron Appleyard, Sky Captain Aerial Imaging).

21 June : Day 3 of PERCCOM 2017 Leeds Summer School:

Academic and industrial presentations: “Greener Data Centres: An environmental and economic imperative” (Associate Professor Damian Dalton, University College Dublin, Ireland); “Quick wins in green data centers (a.o. quick wins in existing data centers, evaluation of the OpenDCME model)” (Dr. Anda Counotte, Open University, Netherlands); “Measuring energy efficiency in the data centre” (Dr. Marta Chinnici, ENEA, Italy); “Green and safe computing” (Professor Vyacheslav Karchenko, KhAI, Ukraine).

20 June : Day 2 of PERCCOM 2017 Leeds Summer School

Continuation of Cohort 3 theses presentations which are related to: scalable and distributed IOT platforms for smart regions; energy efficient multi-connectivity for ultra dense networks; sustainability, user behaviour change and home automation system. All Cohort 4 students present their research posters. Areas of their research are: expert system for flood risk assessment; industrial IOT; IOT platforms and green ICT applications; IOT and smart waste management; smart objects, gesture invocation and front-end apis for home automation systems; green software defined distributed data center; energy efficient auto-scaled cloud-based big data processing; capacity management in data centers; bio-inspired computation and biomimicry principles for smart sensors; green ICT governance; SDN and network sustainability. Additionally, a competition for the best thesis presentation and poster has been organized.

19 June : Day 1 of PERCCOM 2017 Leeds Summer School:

Opening addresses by Professor Colin Pattinson (Dean of School of Computing, Creative Technologies and Engineering, Leeds Beckett University) and Professor Eric Rondeau (Universite de Lorraine). Presentation by Professor Arkady Zaslavsky (DATA61 and CSIRO) is on ”IoT-enabled Smart Cities: dreams and reality” while Professor Frada Burstein’s (Monash University) talk is on the “Use of wearable devices for medical diagnostics out of hospital”. Cohort 3 students deliver theses presentations relating to: ; IOT and smart cities; IOT and air quality monitoring; decision support systems for pervasive computing; energy consumption of network and android apps; Software Defined Network; sustainable software development; sustainable wellbeing and lake monitoring mobile apps; serious games and sustainability; intelligent flood risk assessment system.

Cohort 4 is being briefed by Associate Professor Karl Andersson (Lulea University of Technology) regarding their up and coming Semester 3 in Skeleftea, Sweden.


9 June : News from Skellefteå

Yesterday students from PERCCOM Cohort 3 including Victor, Tamara, Emil (remotely from Leeds), Rafiul, Valentin, and Aigerim doing their theses with LTU performed dry run presentations to prepare for the upcoming summer school event in Leeds. The panel included Dimitar (PERCCOM Cohort 2; now PhD student with LTU), Saguna, Karan, Josef, Shahadat (connecting from Bangladesh) and Karl providing feedback and hints how to improve the presentations one step further. Before the presentations Josef and Valentin followed Karl on a nice lunch walk around the Skellefteå river. To give the ultimate Swedish feeling this last time we had Swedish fika with cinnamon rolls and coffee/tea and celebrated with a pizza meal at Tre Kronor restaurant. Also, Valentin had his “THANK YOU” diploma as the other students had last week.