Code camp on communications engineering

Course Aim.

Code camp is a short-term practically oriented course where students work together on their projects based on selected topic of the course. After the course students are expected to be able to use the achieved knowledge on the topic in their work and to implement other projects with the technology.

Course Contents.

Topic of code camp on communications engineering varies. Due to the changing topic this course may be studied multiple times, but only with the different content. For PERCCOM purposes a code camp focusing on energy and efficiency issues (processing, communication) in mobile environment and mobile applications will be arranged

Module 1: Design of the mobile application per group

In this module students will design their own solution for the given problem. LUT has been participating international Microsoft based ImagineCup competition and the code camp course has given good setup for the preparations. The theme of the competition “Imagine a World Where Technology Helps Solve the Toughest Problems” includes goal for sustainability in many levels. This setup is highly usable also for PERCCOM students and program.

Module 2: Implementation of the mobile application

In this module the students implement their sustainable application.

Module 3: Demonstration and testing of the mobile application

Each of the works will be demonstrated for the other students/groups.

Module 4: Reporting

This module consists of reporting the work done and sufficient promotion of the designed and implemented solution.

20h lectures, 10h exercises, 20h practical assignment, 47h self-study, 3h exam. Total amount 100h