Communication Protocols – Lab 1

 Architecture of Lab: In this lab session, the students first observe the architecture of the lab as divided into 4 patch panels namely, France, Finland, Sweden and Russia and a central patch panel. Each patch panel has one Cisco router and one Cisco switch.

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In this practiPentax Digital Cameracal teaching the students learn about PC architecture, cables, IP address configuration and commands like ping, ipconfig, arp. A PC contains of (a) serial interface which can be used for configuring the switch through console port, and (b) two ethernet cards, which can be used for network connections.

 The students learn how to connect two PCs in the same LAN. They begin by connecting the patch panels at the port corresponding to the respective PCs. After that, they plug the cables from patch panels to switch ports.

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The students learn how to manually configure the IP address on a PC, and learn about three basic commands: ping, arp, ipconfig. The students use the ping command to test the connectivity between two nodes and use arp (Adress Resolution Protocol) command to display the MAC and IP addresses. And finally, the students use ipconfig command to list their own Mac and IP addresses, subnet mask, and gateway address.