Communication Protocols – Lab 3

Pentax Digital CameraIn this session, the students learn about VLAN (Virtual LAN). VLANs are useful for network
security, broadcast management and cost reduction. Depending on the purpose, VLANs can be used to split one physical network into two or more logical networks or to connect two or more physical networks into one logical network.

Another thing that the students use during this session is VTP (VLAN Trunking Protocol). VTP is a Cisco protocol and it is used to carry VLAN information to all switches in the VTP domain.



At first the students connect two pcs in each switch. Then, they configure the Ethernet interfaces of PC0, PC1, PC2 and PC3 with the IP addresses from the addressing table. After that they configure VTP on the switches. The students configure trunking ports and assign a native VLAN for the trunks. Finally, the students configure VLAN on the VTP server and assign the pcs in different VLAN.

After making all the connection and configuration, the students verify the connection by pinging from pc0 of switch0 to pc2 of switch1 as they are from same VLAN. And they do same for PC1 and PC3.