Communication Protocols – Lab 4

Pentax Digital CameraThe students learn in this session how to connect PCs from different VLANs with the router. The router is needed to interconnect two or more networks; each port of the router corresponds to a network. To enable inter-VLAN routing, the students use the technology known as Router on a stick which divides the interface of the router into sub-interfaces corresponding to each VLAN.


This practical session involves configuring the PCs and switches as the students did the intervlanprevious lab as well as connecting the switch to the router. They start to configure the router interface which is connected to the switch trunk interface. The students configure the router using IEEE 802.1Q encapsulation to match the encapsulation in the switch trunk interface so that the packets coming from the switch will be routed according to the tag contained on the encapsulation. They also assign a default gateway to each PC. After making these configurations, the students check the pings from PC1 to PC2, PC1 to PC3 and PC1 to PC4 to realise that the router is able to route packets from one Vlan to another Vlan, that is from one network to another.