Communication Protocols – Lab 6

Per VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol

In this Lab, the students learn about Per VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol (PVSTP), a Cisco proprietary mechanisml. PVSTP is similar to basic STP except that it calculates the root bridge for each VLAN in the network. The objective of PVSTP is to optimize spanning trees for a network with multiple VLANs by assigning separate roots to each VLAN’s spaPVSTPnning tree and selecting optimal paths for each VLAN to distribute traffic load of the VLAN.

In this lab, the students use PVSTP to utilize all available links in our network, so that there is not any link left unused because being blocked by STP. In order to harness PVSTP, the students need to modify the bridge ID of the switch to manipulate the election of root port.