Communication Protocols – Lab 8

Static routing:

In this Lab, the students learn about how to perform basic configuration and static routing protocol in a router as well as understood the routing table. Basic configuration in a router is similar to switch, except that each port of a router correspond to 1 network. Static routing protocol is done by manually defining the route to each non-local network.

The students create a whole different network from previous labs, wherstatic_routinge there are four routers (which represent a country), connected via WAN using a serial link. At first, the students configure the whole network, started from the LAN and move to the WAN. In the LAN, the students assign 4 different VLAN and used router-on-a-stick to enable the inter VLAN routing. They configure the default gateway of PC to point at the stub router. And then, they configure the stub router to have default static route, which is the border router. After that, the students configure static routing protocol to connect the border router from one country to another country.

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