EMA Day 2013 in Nancy

As an annual tradition EMA (Erasmus Mundus Association), celebrate every 6th October “The Ema Day” around the world, this event has as main purpose gather all the current and graduated Erasmus Mundus EMA_Day_Logo_2013members in one meeting to share experiences and promote the international networking.

The gatherings took place in cities like Nancy, San Francisco, Madrid, Moscow, Taipei, Delhi, Amsterdam, Beijing, Toronto, Bucharest, Moscow, Krakow, Mexico, Paris, Seoul, New York, and other 60 cities.

In Nancy, the event gathered students of Masters such asEMA2013 PERCCOM and DESEM and also students of PhD programs hosted in Lorraine, who shared their experiences on their programs and also what they knew about EMA.

Ambassador: Victoria Palacin Silva, PERCCOM student.