Eric Rondeau’s visit to ITMO University, St Petersburg, Russia

March 30th – April 11th: Professor Eric Rondeau (University of Lorraine) spent two weeks in St Petersburg at ITMO University. He was awarded a Scholar Scholarship delivered by the European Commission. Eric Rondeau was hosted by Andrei Rybin, the head of International research laboratory «Modern communication technologies and applications in economics and finance – Fin Q Lab». The objective of this visit was to plan research actions between University of Lorraine and ITMO University in the context of PERCCOM students’ master thesis topics. ITMO University is supervising two PERCCOM students in Master thesis (Stefanos Georgiou and Chandra Satriana). Vitalii Poliakov preparing a PERCCOM Master thesis in Nancy was also invited by ITMO University with the goal to create joint research. The programme of this visit was the following:

March 31th: Seminar “Service-oriented architecture in a context of energy saving technologies”:

  • Eric Rondeau presented PERCCOM master
  • Vitalii Poliakov presented his Master thesis results on Green SDN.
  • Discussion about joint research projects

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April 1st – 4th: Collaboration with Alexandra Klimova

  • Preparation of joint diploma supplement template for PERCCOM programme
  • Preparation of PERCCOM summer school in Nancy

April 5th : Pushkin VisitIMG_0433

  • Cultural visit with PERCCOM students


April 7th – 10th: Contributions in Scientific school organised by ITMO University.

ITMO University organised a scientific school for young scientists aIMG_0519nd specialists « Technologies for High Performance Computing and Computer Simulation: A study of global systems». School was organised by eScience Research Institute in the framework of IV All-Russian Congress of Young Scientists. The aim of the school was an intensive study and practical training in main applications of high-tech software for global systems. PERCCOM contributions were the following:

  • April 8th: Stefanos Georgiou “Implementation of green approach for transferring big data over parallel paths”,
  • April 8th: Chandra Satriana “Development of an ecology-oriented SDN framework.
  • April 9th: Eric Rondeau “Green ICT metrics using the ten commandments for a mature ecosystem”

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April 11th: Meeting with Valentin Makarov, head of Russoft, nation wide association of software developing companies from Russia.

  • Discussion about RUSSOFT participation in PERCCOM seminar in St. Petersburg
  • Discussion about opportunities for business networking

Finally, two conference papers were prepared during these two weeks:

  • “Erasmus Mundus Master in PERCCOM: Education for Green Industry” Authors : A. Klimova, A. Rybin, E. Rondeau, A. Zaslavsky
  • “Green Service Level Agreement” Authors : A. Klimova, E. Rondeau, A. Rybin