Good Food for Good Mood

This is the second time since our first food gathering event in Nancy, and we called this event as International Lunch Party version 2.0. The event was organized by Zainie, and was held in her apartment at Karankokatu 4. As the previous one, we cooked our specialty food from our co1922117_292952080853913_222345933_nuntries and share them with others. However, the difference was we had a fun playing truth-or-dare game after the meal. We sit in circle and spin a bottle. When the bottle stop spinning, the person whom the bottle point to should choose to take either a tr1005934_292952154187239_493961255_nuth or a dare. A truth means that the person should answer any question that he/she got truthfully, no matter how embarrassing/ awkward it was. Meanwhile, a dare means that the person should do anything he/she was asked to do or else he/she should drink the vodka.We had so much fun revealing each other ‘dark’ secret and even more fun enjoying our friends doing some silly dance moves. (Written by Alifia Fithritama)