List of Required Documents

Along with the application form the following documents must be provided:

1. Gender / Name/ Email / Birth date / Postal address / Phone

2. Citizenship and country of residence.

3. Scanned image of your passport showing your picture (PDF).

4. Financing (scholarship, self financing,…)

5. CV-Resume

6. University degrees (held or currently studying) and universities where those degrees were obtained.

7. Academic certificates, University degree certificate/diploma in case you have finished your degree and if you are still pursuing it you should submit academic certificates corresponding to the courses you have finished and currently are undertaking. All university transcripts must be in English.

8. Description of the contents of the courses taken to obtain the degree of the previous point. It is of utmost importance to state any subject, experience or work related to IT areas of knowledge.

9. Two recommendation letters

10. Employment information

11. Proof of proficiency in English. TOEFL, IELTS and TOIEC certificates are preferred.

12. Motivation letter, in which the applicant explains in English the reasons to study PERCCOM and how they relate to his/her career goals.

13. Information on multiple EM applications (if any)