Selection procedure

The coordinating institution checks all documents uploaded and if the qualification of each candidate corresponds to the admission requirements. Complete applications are evaluated by two academic partners of the consortium, grading each criterion for each application from 0 to 5 (5 Excellent, 4 Very good, 3 Good, 2 Satisfactory, 1 Sufficient, 0 Insufficient). The criteria are the following:

  • Academic record (45%)
  • English language proficiency (25%)
  • Supporting documentation (15%)
  • Track record (awards, scholarships, research,…) (15%)

A pre-selection list is set during the Joint Selection Committee (January 22-23, 2016).

All Candidates in the pre-selection list are invited to an interview by video conference (10′ for presentation, 10′ for questions). The interview accounts for half in the final decision.

After interviews, the Joint Selection Committee defines the main list and the reserve list.

The main list and the reserve list are then sent to EU for approval.

Final results of successful and unsuccessful candidates can only be released in May 2016.

The selection result is sent to candidates by Email.

APPEAL instructions for applicants who have not been selected :

If you wish to challenge this decision, you can appeal within two months from the receipt of the decision notice, bringing new elements to your application. The Appeal Form can be downloaded from from this link : Appeal-Form and must be sent to the Consortium at the following address: Any appeal will be considered with particular attention.